Clean Install Sata Driver - Vista


I want clean Vista install of raid1 on a pair of seagate matching drives.
When I point to the .inf file for the raid controller driver I get the wait screen but nothing ever happens. I put driver on floppy in a drive. Vista not recognizing Floppy as bootable disk. Any suggestions? Thx
Hi artform, welcome to NST

The floppy doesn't need to be "bootable". It just needs to contain the correct driver. I'm guessing by the sound of it the floppy is bad. If you're using your cd drive and its the only one you got to load the driver, only remove your Vista disc when it tells you to and re-insert it, removing the disc containing the driver, after it has finished loading.

If you continue to have issues with it, it is either the wrong driver or a bad one. See if you can get an older/newer version.