"Clean" version of Vista

Hi All

I have a Toshiba with Windows Vista Home Premium on it, trouble is, it's come with all the extra Toshiba junk installed on it.

I would really like to do a complete reinstall of Vista from a totally "clean" version, without all the Tosh stuff, and use my serial number with it.

I cannot however find a clean version of Vista Home Premium to do this.

My "quick restore" disk which came with the laptop has all the Tosh stuff on it too so no joy there.

Any ideas other than buying an OEM version of Vista?

Borrow a Vista RTM disc from a friend and use your product key (on the sticker on your computer) for the install.
Manually pick and remove what you can with the Programs+Features section in Control Panel. You can also use the msconfig utility to disable any Toshiba items. The serial number itself however is tied to the factory preinstall there only.

For a totally clean copy of Vista there without any traces of Toshiba you would have to buy a totally new full version disk and wipe the original installation off entirely off of the primary partition. To avoid seeing the warranty voided you would still leave the hidden recovery partition intact however.
Deleting the recovery partition doesn't void the warranty, but they don't like to tell you that.... and the serial number is tied to the *hardware* of the OEM preinstall so you can use another person's DVD to install Vista with this serial, but not this serial to install Vista on another PC.
Generally I won't advise someone to remove the original recovery partition without at least seeing a set of recovery disks made up first in the event the laptop or desktop has to be returned or serviced for another reason like a defective hardware. That allows you to restore it to factory condition.

A clean install with another disk will see all the branded prepackaged item removed. But you then lose all prepackaged drivers as well as any softwares included. Besides going out and buying a new oem disk you then have to add other desktop softwares to the list as well as downloading the driver updates from the support site.