click on Ubuntu = "Try (HD0,0): EXT2"


I have Win7 installed on 1 partition and Ubuntu 10.04 on #2 partition.

If I reinstall Grub2, then I get the Grub menu first, but I want the easybcd menu first, so then if I click on Ubuntu, that will take me to Grub. I did it on my other computer but don't remember how. I clicked on easybcd Write MBR, and the menu I want appears first, but then when I click on Ubuntu, I get
Try (HD0,0): ext2

If I re-install Grub2, then it all works, but just not in the order I would like.

How do I get it in the right order?

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For now, don't press "Write MBR" until you can get the Ubuntu entry in the Windows bootloader working.

To fix the Try.... bug, can you replace C:\Program Files\NeoSmart Technologies\EasyBCD\profiles\grldr with the one in the attached zip file and tell me if it fixes the bug?


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I saw that on another one of your post and thought about trying it, so now I will.
I already re-installed Grub2, so I will try your fix.

Should I "Write MBR" after I replace the files?


ok replaced the file...

now what? do I need to delete the Ubuntu in the easybcd menu and re-do it?
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Yes. Sorry, I should have mentioned that.

Don't write MBR at all until everything works. Write MBR decides whether you'll see GRUB2 or the BCD when you first start your PC. As it now stands, you can get into the BCD from GRUB2 which will load first.
Did not work.
I reinstalled Grub2, it was working. Replaced the file in the Programs folder, deleted Ubuntu from Easybcd boot menu, then added it again. It said it was auto configured as normal. Clicked on write MBR, rebooted, and still got the Try (hd0,0): ext2: _
I am thinking it's not working because I had to create a blank partition at the beginning of the hard drive, so as to bypass a scratch on the HDD. Then I have the 2 other partitions after that for Windows and Ubuntu. The blank partition may be messing with the MBR.

I have another computer with almost the exact same setup, Windows 7, XP, and Ubuntu. I did updates on Ubuntu the other day, and it updated Grub, which wrote over the MBR. But after going into EasyBCD, clicked on Write MBR, it all worked perfectly!