clone a triple boot machine from bad HDD


This is how it went :

1. My HDD was WDC 640 gb, with triple boot OS, 1 partition windows 7, 2 partitions for windows xps

2. I bought a new 1 tb Hitachi HDD, and I cloned the old WDC to new Hitachi using paragon manager, but the cloning process wasn't go well, there are failures in reading several sectors, so I reclone it, using copy partition, I cloned the partitions, one by one, there are 2 partitions which shows error, and I choose to ignore them all

3. I booted the new Hitachi HDD, it can boot fine into windows 7 without any error, but everytime, I choose the "older operating system" option, it always give a message "ntldr" and tell me to repair using windows installation disk, I tried to repair using windows 7 installation dvd, but it didn't help at all

Can someone help me ?

Thanks in advance
Use EasyBCD 2.0
"Edit Boot Menu"
Delete the old XP entry from the BCD
"Add new Entry"
Add XP again, let EasyBCD auto-configure.

Thanks, it works, and I found out that one of the xp partition doesnt work, so I plan to reinstall xp on that partition, if the boot menu messed up after I reinstall xp, can I use the same method to auto configure again ?
Sorry, didn't read closely enough.
For multiple XPs, don't use auto-configure if you want an option for each in the 1st boot menu.
delete the XP entry again, then add an entry for each XP, untick the "auto" option and select the appropriate drive letter for each XP.
This will overcome the Microsoft restriction on havng only one XP entry in the BCD by using our own custom XP bootloader.
Read this for details