Clone my Win7 to another Hdd and dualboot 2 win7


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hi all, here is what i need.

i've a windows7 on a ssd disk.. then i want to clone this full working OS to another HDD, later i wish to select with dual boot which OS start, 1 ssd 2 hdd.

my question is.. can someone explain me the exact procedure to follow?

assuming that;

- i'have Ghost 15 dvd (licensend) to make the copy (or if required i can use another software)
- the second hdd is ready for the copy and partitioned..
- i've easybcd 2.2

i already know the procedure.. but i need a refresh:smile:

p.s. this post is why my actual dual boot 2x win 7 doesnt work correctly, creating a "shadow" copy on 2nd OS that read settings from ssd OS -.- .. i tried to fix that wihout result.. then i prefer re-backup my SSD Win7 at present time and remake the dual boot. ( my problem was similar to this and i give up )

thanks in advance


If you boot from the SRD and backup the drive to a neutral location you should then be able to open Ghost on the primary and recover the backup to the new location. Be sure you read and select/deselect the various parameters as you set up to backup. Going from an SSD to an HDD will need different disk signatures and the allowance to restore anywhere, for starters.
Hope this helps