Clonezilla, "Corporate" Level Drive Imaging


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Clonezilla's latest freeware is out now Thanks must go to Mak who had originally suggested this a short while ago (Post #20 refers).

At that time I was desperately looking for a solution to the very buggy latest version of Acronis TrueImage (2009) that was also giving me extra headaches as it would not even work on my new hardware. I tried out the built in computer backup w/in Vista Ultimate but bought licenses for FarStone's DriveClone Pro 6 (WinPE engine) when I was over in NY late last year. Multiple licenses bought with my US colleagues made this an extremely attractive deal and the product works just perfectly.

However, Clonezilla is free and it would be good to hear if anyone has tried this out yet and a verdict on how well this compares with either other freebies or bespoke products.
Up until now I've been hearing good things about TI 11 in Vista. I usually run my copy of TI offline though. Got the older version that causes some AVs in Vista to choke.

I haven't tried clonezilla myself, but a lot of people like to use it for systems deployment from what I've heard. If it has the features/stability you need go for it.
TI 11 did work OK with my older hardware but wouldn't on the new; the 2009 is not only buggy (boot disk wouldn't work on mine; the custom ISO from their Tech Suport wouldn't either). Also corrupts data too (e.g. deleting the Outlook pst folder during backup - not too clever, this!) - their own web forum makes a truly scary read. Fortunately I'm OK now with DC Pro; this really does work.

Would good to know how good the new Clonzilla is, especially if this helps folks who need an imaging solution badly. given it costs nada!