Cloning XP then dual booting with different hard drives


I am hoping I could get some help with my current situation:

Note: All drives are SATA.

My current setup:
Desktop machine with 1 500GB hard drive with 3 partitions:
-50GB with XP
-50GB with Vista
-The rest is for Data
I installed XP first then Vista and now I have an option when booting to choose which operating system (Earlier or Vista).

What I would like to do:
Install a new hard drive and dedicate it to XP. I want to clone the XP partition to the second hard drive so I would be able to dual boot XP (from drive2) and Vista (from drive1).

I reliaze that EasyBCD should help me with dual boot but I haven't tried it yet. I would like to know the best method for me to clone the drive: should I use hDclone/norton ghost? any help is appreciated!
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