[Closed] Vista Recovery Disc is not x64-Compatible

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That wont help. I mean you can use any LiveCD and go thru your Windows files with that. But as for getting a Linux LiveCD that can edit the BCD. No go. It is hard to get Linux to mess with the Regitry and stuff like that. there is a topic in the Ideas forum about EasyBCD for Linux and iReboot for Linux. That explains it better.

How about an XP rescue disc, from an old junker I have lying around somewhere? Would that be able to run the mbrfix.exe program?

EDIT: The answer is, of course, no. "This program cannot be run in DOS mode."

Back to waiting for HP to come through :tongueout:
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yeah DOS went out with Windows ME. So every application now a days cant run in DOS Mode anymore cause there is no such thing. There is a command prompt but that is a very limited DOS variation.
yeah DOS went out with Windows ME. So every application now a days cant run in DOS Mode anymore cause there is no such thing. There is a command prompt but that is a very limited DOS variation.

Yeah, I kinda figured that would be the case. But also figured it was at least worth a try (and a chance to see if my old grungy USB floppy drive would work with my fresh Mint 4.0 install :tongueout: )

$ sudo wine MbrFix.exe /drive 0 fixmbr /vista
You are about to Fix MBR,
are you sure (Y/N)? y
Function failed. Error 2: File not found
Well I guess it *does* run, it's just missing a file of some sort.
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Hmm, looks like an interesting project to pass the time at work. I'll report back when I fail or succeed :smile:

Thanks again, you've been most helpful. This product has, by far, the best support of any that I've used. Bravo.


Hmm. Spent quite a while trying to build the CD with those plugins enabled and kept getting a whole bunch of error messages.

I need to get back to work for now, but maybe I'll play with it some more later.
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Update on this: the recovery discs still haven't arrived from HP, so I'm still open for any more ideas :-D

I'm chatting with another HP support rep at the moment; hopefully I'll actually get some discs this time around. Once I get them *crosses fingers* I'll be glad to create a recovery image to go along with your x86 version :smile:
Well sadly there still isn't any other solutions. If the Vista DVD doesnt work and the Recovery Disc we provide doesnt work then i dont know what to say. Sadly i have checked the recent versions of Vista SP1 and i can not find the ability to make the Recovery Disc anywhere.
I'm on my new machine now, it is running Windows Vista x64........... I'll see what I can do.
^^ Excellent.

I spoke with "Jayden" at HP support last night, who was a lot more helpful than "Vaughan" that I spoke to 1/4/08. She's sending me a set of DVDs, which should be here in 5-6 business days. I actually got a customer service / parts order ticket number this time around, so maybe I'll be out of the woods before too long.

Though if you can beat me to the 64bit punch, I'll owe ya a beer :tongueout:
I had a similar problem, installed winxp32 with vista x64 already installed and simply could not get back to vista no matter what I did. Every attempt to use the dvd resulted in the same error message that the system was not compatible. Through school I was able to get a new 64bit only version of vista which worked perfectly and I finally was able to fix the problem.

Oddly enough I was able to use winxp 32bit the entire time but was never able to get EasyBCD to allow me to dualboot back into vista. I went through every option that was listed in the forums to no avail. I understand that EasyBCD is fully compatible with vista64 but is there an issue trying to use it while running a 32bit operating system and attempted to fix a separate 64bit installation such as in my case?
No, not at all.... EasyBCD is one-hundred percent x86 and x64 cross-compatible....

BTW, JojoB, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.
So, update time:

After contacting a THIRD HP support rep, I finally got a set of recovery dvds. Of course, "Recovery" is a misnomer, as the discs don't recover anything. Instead, they just restore the harddisk to the factory image - Vista over the entire drive, except for a lame 13.5gb recovery partition. Oh, and packed with all the annoying bundled apps that I have to spend two hours removing.

Anyhoo, I got Vista back on, and was tinkering with trying to get BitLocker enabled. To do so, I needed to run the BitLocker Drive Preparation tool, which configured the proper drive partitions and copied the necessary boot files to be able to enable BitLocker. I was prompted to reboot, so I did.

To be greeted by the familiar "BOOTMGR is missing" message. Grr.

Once again, if HP wasn't too cheap to ship me a copy of the OS I paid for, rather than their annoying disc image thing, this would be an easy fix. I've sent a few more nasty emails to HP Support AGAIN requesting Vista installation discs, but I'm not terribly optimistic.

I'd rather not have to "recover" my harddisk again. Is there any progress on a 64-bit recovery disc yet?

There is no progress as the Recovery Disc Creator was stripped from the SP at some point and not able to be done with 64 Bit Vista.

So I guess I have to keep fighting with HP support (I hate them, by the way. Dell's support was far superior.) to see about getting Vista installation discs. OR buy another copy of the OS I already paid for. Grr.

Anyhoo, thanks again for your help.
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