clr error 80004005


I just installed windows 7 home premium 64 bit and the 2.0 verision worked I installed some software and it still worked and today I installed some more software and now it gives me the above error. i wonder if it could be the ca virus software. when i get some time maybe I will do a restore at a few points and see if it works at one of the restore points.

I have read a lot of posts and I see none of them that would work in my situation.
I can never find my thread on this site and I fixed my error by adjusting some things but i believe it was the CA firewall . How about a triple boot Xp, vista, windows7
Your thread was moved. The Bug Central is for NeoSmart Items Only! It is not for issues with Windows or other products. It is only for NeoSmart Created software. Which is why it was moved to here.
Well /////

I installed BCD beta 2.0 and got the error at the time I did not no if it was Bcd problem or a windows problem. Computer associates firewall is to restrictive and that is why i received the error. I fixed it myself and yes you did move my post and that is why i could not find it at first.

I have a triple boot notebook and do play around with computers as a hobby.
Well you said you installed EasyBCD and everything still worked. You continued on to say that you installed more software and that things continued to work. It was after the 3rd round of software installs that things went wrong. That would not be due to EasyBCD. If you would have had a problem, it would have been right away. Not all that time after you had installed it.

Computers are my hobby as well. At some point it will be my job i hope.