Code 31 error message MS ISATAP Adapter

Code 31 error message MS ISATAP Adapter with my Dell XPS Studio 1640.
Yesterday I had a very interesting experience with both Microsoft and Dell support. Two days ago I received a update from Microsoft to be installed upon closing Windows Vista and shutting down the computer. The computer was rebooted and the update finalized the installation. I logged into Windows Vista to find a pop-up message stating that Windows had found new hardware and was searching for the new drivers. Next, Windows stated it could not fine the new drivers and started looking for device drivers on the net. The drivers were not found. I discontinued the search. The next reboot an error message showed up and I went through the whole process again. I went into Device Manager to find errors with my network card. It appeared that the ISATAP adapter had device errors.

My laptop is under warranty with Dell and was able to get on-line with Dell support. Twenty minutes went by when the support tech told me it was a Microsoft problem and they were aware of the issue. He then told me that he could recommend a third party that could fix the issue for thirty dollars US. This draws a complete vacuum. I am under warranty, however, this is a non-issue to Dell.

It took nearly an hour to get on-line with Microsoft support. I went through the same drill as with Dell and was also told that for thirty dollars US they could recommend a third party. End of conversation.

I Googled “Code 31 error message MS ISATAP Adapter” the first site listed was the Official Microsoft forum. I entered my error code into search and found the fix on the first thread. This took less than two minutes. The fix as simple as deleting the corrupt drivers from Device Manager. The forum stated that my network card does not use the ISATAP portion of the card and it is software disabled. The Microsoft update enabled the adapter with out any drivers written for the device in a Dell laptop. David
Lol, that sounds like Dell and Microsoft, alright.
Well, I'm glad you managed to solve the issue anyway despite them both. :smile:

Hopefully you didn't give them your 30 dollars (I sure as hell wouldn't...).