Cold Shutdown restarts instead ?


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Recently, my cold shut down, set in advanced power options to take effect on the PC power button, the "power off" keyboard button and the start globe "shutdown", all fail to shut down the PC.
Instead it reboots as if "restart" had been selected.
The power options haven't changed, but I did recently upgrade the GPU and install USB3 on the PCI-E, at about the time this started happening.
My question is
"Is anyone else experiencing something similar on W7 recently ?"
I'd like to eliminate the possibility of a general W7 problem due to a recent update before I spend a lot of time investigating my new h/w.
I haven't yet booted Vista, W8 or XP with the new h/w so it's just W7 I want to check on.
I had that happen to me a few years back and I think it was hw at the time...

I'm assuming you don't have XP/Vista installed yet? Boot into an Ubuntu CD and try shutting down from there to see if it happens, perhaps?