Combine/merge boot and windows 7 partition into one

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I have a laptop with pre-installed windows 7 home premium greek 64bit windows into two partitions(Boot and windows7) and i want to merge these two partitions into one and only partition that i have the win7 and boot partition INTO ONLY ONE PARTITION.

How i can do that with the program?
Can i simply remove the boot partition merge it with win7 partition and re-create the boot partition into one and only partition WITHOUT loose and date from win7 partition.

Thanks for your time and your answers.
W7 Disk Management will let you "extend" the OS partition into space behind it, but not in front of it (which is where I assume your boot partition is.
You will need a bootable 3rd party Partition Manager to merge the OS with space you've created at the front of the HDD, and then (unless its a new W7 compatible app with auto BCD repair capability), you'll need to boot the W7 DVD and "startup repair" 3 times to fix the boot (which will have been broken by the move because the BCD entry points to the start position of the OS partition if you've moved the BCD to W7 first, or because there won't be a BCD if you didn't move it.)
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I have partition programs line acronis disk director 2011 or norton partition magic 8.05 or paragon.

Please can you tell me in simple words & pictures what i must do to combine these two partitions?

1. Delete the boot partition
2. Merge with acronis disk director 2011 these two partitions
3. Create with win7 startup repair cd the win7 partition?

Why i must run the win7 startup repair for 3 times? Don't fix it with 1 time?

Is there any program like acronis disc director 2011 that do automatically that combine/merge of these two partitions(boot and win7)?

If i create the boot partition with program Easybcd 2.0.2 BEFORE i delete the boot partition into windows7 and then i restart the pc and i delete and merge these two partition into one with an external program like acronis disk director 2011 it gonna work or not?
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You need to do it 3 times because it has several things to fix, and it only does one per boot.
And after these 3 times the problem with boot it completely corrected or not?
I was create the boot partition files into win7 partition?

And i can't create that boot partition into win7 partition with the program "Easybcd 2.0.2" before i delete the separate boot partition?
You don't understand what i meant.

I meant that if i create the boot partition files INTO the win7 partition with easybcd and THEN with a partition program i delete and merge that partition to win7 partition does it work and if it doesn't why it doesn't?
If you use EasyBCD to copy the boot files into W7 (BCD Backup/repair > change boot drive), the system will boot from the W7 partition OK.
As soon as you move the start position of the W7 partition by merging it, the information in the BCD describing the location of W7 will be incorrect, and the boot will fail wherever the BCD is now located (unless the partition manager auto-corrects the BCD as part of the merge. If it doesn't, fix it with the DVD. It's not a problem.)
I don't understand a word that you are saying.
What is describing?
And we i can't change the boot sector to win7 partition ?

And if i just copy the boot partition to win7 partition with easybcd?
Can do that the easybcd program and if it can how it do it?

I want to know if there is a simplest way to copy boot files into win7 partition and then just delete and merge the boot partition into win7 partition.

That's all.
Read the previous answer.
Yes you can move the boot files with EasyBCD as already described "(BCD Backup/repair > change boot drive)"

but it won't help you

Moving the start position of the W7 partition will break the boot.
It doesn't matter whether you moved the boot files or not, the information in the boot files will be wrong if you move the start position of W7

Don't worry about it. "startup repair" is easy and not a problem.
Ok then.
The only way it is to delete the boot partition and move the win7 to boot partition correct?
I can either move boot partition files either move the win7 partition to boot partition correct and then create the boot files with easybcd correct?
Once you move W7 you can't use EasyBCD to fix the boot.
EasyBCD is a Windows app. It needs at least one working copy of Windows if you want to use it.
As soon as you break the boot by moving W7, you won't be able to boot Windows, therefore you can't fix the boot with EasyBCD. You must fix it by using the W7 DVD.
(unless your partition manager is clever enough to fix the boot at the same time as it moves the partition)
Still you DON'T understand what i am talking about.

If i fix the w7 partition with prg and create these boot files BEFORE i delete the boot partition and merge AFTER the boot partition into w7 partition does the win7 boot normal or not?

And if i use the prg with a windows livecd can i fix the boot partition on w7 partition?
Please read the posts properly.
The information in the BCD decribes where W7 is now.
If you leave the BCD where it is, or copy it to somewhere else, it still describes where W7 is now.
As soon as you move W7, that information will be wrong, it will be trying to find W7 where it used to be, not where you moved it to.
You must recreate the information in the BCD to point to the new location.
You can only do that by booting the W7 DVD
And if just simply combine the boot partition INTO the win7 partition and don't change the place that w7 partition is now then what?

I don't get why you're making this so difficult. The steps are fairly straight forward, and we have people doing them day in and day out.

Just do what we told you, and everything will be fine. Or don't. It's your call.

It boils down to you cannot change the partitions to the way you want them without using startup repair. And that's not a big deal.


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And if just simply combine the boot partition INTO the win7 partition and don't change the place that w7 partition is now then what?

This will not happen. If you combine them then they are not where they are located as per the boot information.

Let me explain it this way. The boot manager sees the boot drive as drive 1. It sees the Windows drive as drive 2. So if you combine them into 1, the boot information will try to point to Windows being on drive 2 which no longer exists.

You will be trying to divide by Zero. You can combine them, but it will not get you anywhere. You have to edit the boot menu to have it point to the proper drive, which it will not if you combine them without editing them.

So no matter if you combine them or not, it will not boot no matter what. You MUST edit the boot information which is what Terry has been trying to tell you all along. He did read your posts and understand them. You didnt understand what he was trying to tell you.
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