command prompt messaging


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a friend and i are trying to send messages through the command prompt, we have already tried

net send Networkname message
and received an error saying that the friend is not on the network.

im thinking maybe the school is blocking the signal

what do you think?

Mak 2.0

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I would say so. A good IT person would know about Net Send and have it blocked.


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^ ok thanks mak ^_^

you is smart


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Yeah it is. Net send can take a lot of network traffic resources. I have few friends in previous classes who have played around with it and pissed off the IT staff. You should use the name of the PC or the IP address of the computer you want to communicate with, so that it won't go to every host on the network.

While this command is fun to play around with, don't get used to it. MS also realized the pain it caused for ITers and removed it in Vista.
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I think you can enable it on Vista by enabling the feature "legacy network apps" which also returns telnet and the tftp utility.


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^ thanks guys

i think we will just stick to xfire lol