Compaq Presario F700 3rd-stage reboot issue

Compaq presario f700 suffers from stage 3 of 3, 0% complete endless reboot issue.

Reboot & pressing the various F1, F2, F5, F8, F9, F10 keys did not help.
System seems to pass all available tests.
One of them lets you see "Window loading files", big list goes by, stops with something like
2/279 (ntoskrnl.exe), then reboots again. (corrected the file named here)

F9 gives option to boot from DVD, tried that for the recovery disk created when the laptop was brand new. DVD spins a while, ends up sitting at black screen.

Tried making a boot DVD using the directions here
Seems to boot the same way:
F9 to boot ffrom DVD, "Windows is loading files" while DVD spins a while,
get little MS Corp with status bar, then goes to black screen and DVD then spins down.

What more can I do?
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I had the same black screen problem with my Compaq Presario f700.
I went to the HP website to troubleshoot and found that a hard reset fixes the blank screen issue. To perform a Hard Reset, unplug the AC power adapter and remove the battery, and then press and hold down the Power button for about 6 seconds. This will drain any residual charge in the capacitors and reset the power management controls to their default condition. This fixed my problem.
hard reset did not help with booting from DVD

Thanks Soniyajack,
By the way, I also confirmed the bootable DVD starts up okay on my sony vaio, looking like it wanted to re-install windows.

Hard reset (removing the main battery) didn't do anything. Still goes thru the same motions. Still just get black screen when booting from the bootable DVD. With the recovery drive it goes thru the same thing, then seems to go back to the stage 3 of 3 steps.

Do I need to take the CMOS battery out as well?

Robert, its time to backup your important data with Ubuntu. With no way of booting from the recovery disc or starting Windows normally to run system restore theres little chance of recovering the system without having to re-install Windows or set to factory defaults.