Complete reinstall vista


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Hi guys, I'm really struggling here :frowning:

My friend has given me her packard bell laptop with vista x32 (i think) for me to fix and I just can't do it. It doesn't start up at all and she wants the whole thing wiping clean and vista putting back on, however there's one problem... she has none of the discs. She can't even remember if she had any to begin with so i'm at a complete loss. Can anyone help me or is it possible to download the installation program somewhere?
Hi Sluj, welcome to NST.
If you know someone with a Vista DVD (any type, Basic to Utimate, doesn't matter), you can reinstall Vista on your friend's laptop from the DVD as long as you quote the serial number on the laptop not the one on the DVD.
The laptop serial will tell setup which flavour of Vista to install and is the licence to run Vista on that PC. It will verify in the same way as if you install with the missing media your friend has lost.
Alternatively you can contact PB, and ask for replacement media, for which they will probably make a nominal charge if they've already provided them with the PC, but which will be considerably cheaper than buying a new copy of Vista.
The recovery disks hosted on this site cannot be used to reinstall Vista, they contain no installation files.