Complete System Failure Running Vista/Ubuntu


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I am running Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit) along side Ubuntu 11.04 on my Toshiba laptop, model, Satellite E105-S1402. The system is about 2.5 years old and the hard drive is about 4 months old. Vista is in the first primary partition and Ubuntu is in the second.

I had just rebooted into Vista after installing a couple of drivers because I had no internet connectivity (in Vista). I then restarted the machine and things seemed to be fine. The system was probably running a good five minutes.
Drivers installed: Wireless LAN_Intel_13.0.0.107_W7x64W7x86_A

I was entering some text (actually updating my vista product key!) and the system suddenly powered down, not completely but to what looked like a sleep state because the screen was blank. When I try to reboot by pressing the power key, the system powers on and then nothing, no hard drive activity, no BIOS info to the screen, just power and a blank screen. If I attempt to boot from CD (stuck the Vista disk in again), the drive will spin and then just spin down again, still showing nothing on the screen.

I was thinking the drive just went bad, but then why won't the machine POST? Did the BIOS info somehow get erased? If so, how to replace it since the machine doesn't see the optical drive?

Any advice would be appreciated.
Try removing the battery from the mobo and restarting. If that fails, it's an issue with either the mobo or the PSU.