CompleteRSS fouls up archives, categories, search


My problem seems to be exactly the same as one reported by "ShinRa" in March 2007. I have successfully installed WP 2.2.1. I have a truncated RSS 2.0 feed. I would like to provide a full-text feed. So I installed CompleteRSS. Great — I got a full-text feed! But … all the things I WANT to be truncated (archives, categories, search results) were then ALSO full text. That’s unacceptable. So I uninstalled CompleteRSS — and then, archives, categories, search results all work again. But my feed is cut off.

I uninstalled all of my plug-ins, logged out, logged back in, etc., etc. I've been working on this for one week. I combed through all my PHP in the archive/categories and search results files. Only the_excerpt() is used in archive.php and search.php. Nothing odd, no funny custom scripts.

I am not using “more” in my posts, and I never ever write a summary. I am running the blog on Dreamhost.

I have read so much of the PHP, and the only thing I can guess is that at the end of the CompleteRSS file, where it says --

add_filter( 'option_rss_use_excerpt', create_function( '$a=0', 'return 1;' ) );

-- is it possible that this is changing the way that the_excerpt() works?

Please help!

Remember, I already deactivated ALL of my plug-ins (not that I have many of them) and tried CompleteRSS all by itself. The same thing happens!!
Hi macloo,

Yes, this is a confirmed bug in CompleteRSS... I've just been so busy between the 6 or 7 different programs I'm maintaing that I haven't had time to do anything about it.

Looking at the source code now, let's hope the solution comes quickly :smile:
A Fix?

OK, think I got it to work. I've attached the new plugin, please check it and get back to me so I can publish it if it is final.


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Glad to hear it :smile:

There a couple of small changes I need to make then I'll release 1.1. I advise you to upgrade to 1.1 final when it is released.