Computer requires 2 drives to boot

I was in the process of changing my Win7 64 bit Thinkpad to boot from the installed mSata drive (F) after cloning it from C. I saw it was a lot more involved with changing registry entries, etc, so I stopped after running EasyBCD. Now if I remove either the main HD or the mSata, the computer will not boot. So I am thinking I need to rebuild the boot sector on the main drive somehow. Thanks for any help.


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Thanks Terry! It worked perfectly!

One last thing. I have given up on the mSata being bootable because of changing the drive letter and registry entries. So I got a regular SSD to replace the HD. I cloned it before I did this fix today, and the PC would not boot from it. Now that I used EasyBCD to make the C drive bootable again, should I connect the SSD via USB and run EasyBCD against it to make it bootable? Or should I re-clone it?

Lastly, when EasyBCD changes the boot partition, does it move it from one drive to the other, or just make whatever drive you point it to bootable as well?


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That procedure is completely non-destructive.
It copies the boot files to the target location without altering the source, so both locations are bootable unless they occupy the same HDD.
For copies on the same HDD, the "active" flag is switched from one to the other so only the "new" location will boot (though manually switching the active flag back again would revert the boot to the status quo ante)
You can run the procedure again with the SSD as your target and make yet another copy.
It the case of different disk drives, all can be simultaneously "active", so the booted device depends entirely on your configuration of the BIOS sequence.