Computer stalls after selecting Ubuntu, Vista OK


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Installed Ubuntu 11 10 to dual-boot with Vista and using Easy BCD, Ubuntu proceeds (after the 2 selection screens, Neosmart Linux and Ubuntu with Linux 3 ) to a deep purple screen which may be followed by a long sigh gong like sound and then a deep purple screen with nothing on it. This requires power down because control, alternate, delete does not work.

But most often on rebooting it goes to a scroll, which stalls with a single fail, "stopping automatic crash report generation". Multiple lines are OK.

But further down there is a yellow star before "pulse audio configured for per user sessions saned disabled; edit etc/default/saned”.

The last entry is “Stopping Userspace bootsplsh”. Ctl, alt delete will restart from this screen.”

I cannot determine which stall will occur.

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Vista > C: ………. system32\winload.exe

Linux > C:………. \NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr

Thank you.