Computer Vision Syndrome?



Do you know what is Computer Vision Syndrome? It’s a condition recognized by the American Optometric Association that affects users of video display terminals (VDTs, computer monitors). Some CVS symptoms include dry burning eyes; blurred vision; delayed focusing; altered color perception, and headaches. So beware and take precautions while you are reading this message.:??
OK, so now I can add "CVS" to "RSI" (Repetitive Strain Injury) and CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) which I already have as I was suspecting that my monitor was having a detrimental effect on my eyes etc. and I might as well volunteer my body right now for scientific experiments, because it looks like I'm doomed....LOL
As a person who looks at CRT monitor ~5-10 hours a day for past 4 or 5 years, I can say that I don't wear glasses still and they say that every 45 minutes of using computer I should walk out for 15 minutes :S Which I do.. after 5-10 hours :grinning: But I do feel lite headache sometimes...
I have to wear glasses now since having artificial lens implants done in both eyes. I certainly get headaches as I am in front of the screen at leats 10 hours a day.
Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, Carlos.

Thanks for the warning, I'm sure many of the people here are prime for this :X

I already have CTS (highly mitigated by switching from QWERTY to DVORAK :smile:), hopefully I don't have this too :grinning:

Headaches and sometimes dry eyes - those I have. But thankfully my vision is still > 20/20....

Vision is just about the most important thing in dealing with computers.... I hope to God my eyes last so long as computers exist!! :smile:

Thanks again for sharing that, Carlos.

According to Wikipedia (reliable??), CVS is a temporary syndrome.. That's a big relief :smile:

Another link.
ive had it before and i have known what it is, i like reseach papers when i get to choose what it is about lol

i wrote about computers and their health affects

like the wrist and the eyes

the biggest is the mental aspect of a person, with the fantasy part of the internet taking over someones life (ahem much like some people lol myself included)

CVS isnt all that bad, and it depends greatly on your monitor and your time spent in front of said monitor. currently my CRT monitor has yet to actually cause this, and im amazed, i used to get it on my mothers LCD screen all the time.

also the difference between analog and digital monitors is important too. the latter being more strain on the eyes, due to HD techn

you should never watch a HD TV within seven feet, as much fun as it is lol more pixels just means more information your brain has to take in, and thats one cause of CVS lol

anyways, im rather happy with my massive CRT monitor, no CVS and 1280x1024 is a nice rez

i too poor for wide screen, but do want lol :smile:
well what kind of monitor do you have?

some companies make monitors that are more effective at causing CVS then others, sounds weird but yeah lol
I think spending hours and hours on end Modding at McAfee Forums isn't helping either. I also have artificial lens implants in both eyes.
I have a 17" Samsung Analogue LCD monitor @ 1280x1024 pixels.
^ oh well time isnt always the reason, its combined reasons, the time is just one of the multiplier's lol

well the monitor shouldnt be a problem, samsung has always made great monitors, but maybe the LCD on analog idk

im no expert lol