computer will not boot

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I have a pavilion p7-1380t running Windows 7 pro 64-bit.
When I try to boot this is what I see:
A black screen, fans running, DVD works, mouse flashes
for a second. Absolutely no access to the bios, or safe mode
or anything else. The computer beeps at me but no pressing
of any "F" key does anything. I have no idea what's wrong
hardware wise or software wise.

Now "Easy recovery Essentials" might work and then again
it might not. To spend $20 for a one time shot that might or
might not work is a bit much I would say.


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One other piece of information that might shed some light.
I have been using Clonezilla-live to back up my computer.
I start this program from an off state and it takes over from there
and backs my HD to an external HD.
This program won't even start on this computer.


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The beeps indicate that the BIOS in unable to get far enough to communicate via the monitor.
Count the number and pattern of beeps then do a web search for your motherboard's warning messages.
It probably indicates a problem with RAM or the graphics card.
No recovery software will help till you diagnose the h/w cause.
Make certain to consider changes you've made as of late — did you as of late introduce another equipment driver, associate another equipment part to your PC, or open your PC's case and do something? It's conceivable the equipment driver is surrey, the new equipment is contradictory, or that you coincidentally unplugged something while working inside your PC.

On the off chance that your PC won't control on by any means, guarantee its connected to an electrical plug and that the force connector isn't free. On the off chance that its a desktop PC, guarantee the force switch on the back of its case — on the force supply — is situated to the On position. On the off chance that it still won't control on by any means, its conceivable you separated a force link inside its case. In the event that you haven't been messing around inside the case, its conceivable the force supply is dead. For this situation, you'll need to get your PC's equipment settled or get another PC.
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