Computer wont boot.

I have HP pc with windows 10 home and it wont start up. I created the EasyRE USB and have run the automated repair multiple times. It goes through the repair process and says automated repair completed, eject usb and restart. Still wont restart. Have also tried System Restore, still won't restart. Where go from here?


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The support issues not withstanding, "won't restart" is an extremely vague description of the problem your PC is experiencing and no one would be able to help you further debug this based on that description alone. It's always very important and quite essential to provide a full description of the problem you're seeing - remember that we get hundreds of support requests a day and we've seen basically all the different problems under the sun. When you're experiencing a problem it can be hard to realize that we're not with you and we're not seeing what you're seeing, so you can't assume we will understand what you mean.

Please provide full and complete descriptions of what happens, when it happens, when this first started, and what you tried to fix it.