Computer wont boot?


I have an Emachine w3653 with Vista Home Premeium 32 bit, its legit, I have the key sticker on the back. When i turn the computer on it goes to the "windows error recovery", If I click on "Launch startup repair" It comes right back to windows error recovery window. If I click on "start windows normally" it just brings me back. I cant start in safe mode or anything. I got the recovery disk from your site followed all directions, but when I boot from disk Its just going righht back the the windows error recovery. I doube checked my BIOS to be sure its booting form disk.

If my disk didnt burn right how would i know? I burned it to a CD-R and its an ISO format

Is there a chance that something with my CD/DVD drive is not working? It says that its booting from disk, but then goes right back the Error recovery.

My system was running fine until I was infected by something and a buddy tried to clean it up and this is what Im left with. I dont have any of the disks that came with this computer.
You need to press a key to continue booting from the disc, otherwise it'll go on to try to boot from the hard drive.
Yes I know to push any key :wink:..After messing around with a few different burners and reading more, I got it to work. Im still not having any luck, it would not startup repair. I dont have any restore points or a back up. None of the Sys Recovery options worked. I read the directions here about using cmd prompts but Im not sure if I have bootsect.exe. I have the OEM product key just not the disk.

Any suggestions??
DId you do the "startup repair" several times ? It needs one pass to fix each error, and there might be multiple things that need to be repaired.
If all else fails and the problem is deeper in the OS than the boot, necessitating a reinstall; you'll need to borrow a Vista DVD from a friend(any flavour) and use the key from your PC, not the one on the DVD.
The key will tell setup which version of Vista to extract from the DVD (they're all on there).
If you have EasyBCD installed on the machine, bootsect well be located in EasyBCD's bin folder:
cd /d "c:\program files\neosmart technologies\easybcd\bin"
bootsect /nt60 all /force

If those steps don't work, take Terry's advice and re-install.
Vista install disc, basically you enter your product key (found on the sticker attached to your computer) to activate. And our recovery disc cannot do this.
Yes you'll need either a Microsoft Vista DVD, or a copy of the OEM bundle for your exact PC model.
Thanks for all the help and info.

I found a full copy of Vista on the net, burned it, booted from it, used my key and all is fine as of now. I really like this clean install without all the bundled crap that comes with a PC now days.

Something that I learned, whether it be just on my machine or not. But when dealing with the ISO images. I had some problems getting them to boot. I tried a few different things, different programs different disks (cd-r/dvd-r).But none of them would boot. The thing that worked was burning them at X2. I tested this by trying every thing I had tried the 1st time but changing the speed to X2 and they worked perfectly. Like I said it could just be my machine, but I thought that give some feedback.