Configuration system failed to initialize


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I've been trying to boot a Linux live disc from USB and I ran into the "NETDLR is missing" issue. Some googling led me to EasyBCD. I tried to add the GRUB 2 bootloader, but that didn't seem to work. Now, when I try to open EasyBCD I get the "Configuration system failed to initialize" error. And when I try to boot from USB it seems to completely bypass it and go straight into Windows, rather than give me the "NETDLR is missing" error. I take it I made some mistake in trying to set this up?

If it helps, I created the bootdisk with Unetbootin with the "Diskimage" option and the latest ElementaryOS ISO.

Any help would be appreciated.


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its due to mismatch of the values of previously saved and current ones in the boat loader... all you need to do ,, is type


in your explorer and then delete all the files present there ,, this will make EasyBCD work for sure...


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