Configure boot of USB Drive which was converted from bootable ISO


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Hi guys,

I have an bootable ISO image file which works perfectly when written to a CD/DVD.
I have written the above ISO image file to a USB drive (which was verified and supports booting from it) using IsoToUsb program.
Now, when I try to boot from the stick, it gives me the message: Operative system not found, which I think is caused by the boot sector/configuration of the loaded image (maybe it has hardcoded the letter of the CD drive?).
In the root of the drive are WIN51IP and WIN51IP.SP1 files, which gives me the impression that that bootable CD is a slipstreamed Windows XP Professional.
Also the NTDETECT file is present in the root drive.
And the other folders present are "Programs" - has only specific dedicated programs, and "I386".
This iso image is being used to upgrade some dedicated equipment and I want to convert it to USB in order to not have any problems with old dusty CD drives.
The equipments I intend to use the stick have the BIOS option to boot from USB.
Is there any way I can replace the boot sector or configuration using EasyBCD in order to allow booting from USB stick?

Many thanks!

Mak 2.0

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There is nothing you can use from us that will work for you. EasyBCD is for the booting of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Those are the 3 OS's to date that support the use of the BCD as that was created when Windows vista was released.

Yes you can use EasyBCD to add an entry for XP, but you can not use the software to manipulate or modify just XP. It requires the BCD, hence the title EasyBCD.

Your trying to use a bootable Windows XP thumbdrive. Windows XP does not use nor support the use of EasyBCD as it doesn't use the BCD at all. It still uses the old boot.ini file. So you will have to find another way to mak the ISO to USB work for Windows XP.

How to Install Windows XP on a Flash Drive | eHow

Something like this. That is unless you want to just put the install image to USB.

Install Windows XP From USB Drive : How To


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Hi Mak,
Thanks for lighting my head...I'm a bit embarrassed, because I remember that I knew the new BCD boot system was different.
In my frenzy the night I posted the answer I forgot that :frowning:
I'll try to use the links you gave me :smile:
Many thanks!