Configure my computer to quadruple boot using Win Xp, Win Vista, Ubuntu & Solaris 10

Is it possible to be done physically?

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How do i Configure my computer to quadruple boot using Windows Xp, Win Vista, Ubuntu & Solaris 10?

My PC has following Configurations:- CPU: AMD Athlon64 X2-4200(dual core)
Hdd:- 160 Gb(Hitachi) SATA2; Ram:- 512 Mb-DDR2(667 MHz) Motherboard: Asus-M2NPV-VM
I don't want to use Microsoft virtual PC!! Also,plz. tell me the configurations steps to follow so that at boot time; options come asking me which Operating system to boot from??? Here the os inted to use are: UBUNTU used is a 64 Bit Linux version 6.06 & Solaris is also 64 bit Version 10
Hi lifeisnowhere, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

It most certainly is possible.
You will need EasyBCD, but we don't consider that to be "special" software - just what everyone uses to get their dual-boot working :wink:

Assuming you haven't already installed an OS, we recommend doing it in this order:
Partition the drive (4 primary partitions).
Install Ubuntu
Install Solaris
Install XP
Install Vista

Instructions for all this can be found in the EasyBCD user manual at EasyBCD Documentation Home - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki