Configure Win7 bootloader to boot Linux on a USB drive...?


Here is the setup:

I have a drive setup to boot Win7 (VHD), MS DaRT (WIM) and a general IT (WIM) all done with the wonderful help of EasyBCD.

My issue is I built an external USB Drive with CentOS 6.1 which I can boot by redirecting at the BIOS but would like to do it from the Win7 bootloader configured by EasyBCD.

Is this possible and if so what are the configs for it in EasyBCD? I have tried several of the settings but no joy.

Thanks for the PLOP tip......

The trick is to move the PLOP files to the right location. After installing the BIOS Extender option the files are installed to the root of the VHD file. They need to be moved to the boot partion where the BCD is located and then it picks up the PLOP configuration. All I did after that was to configure PLOP to autoboot to USB and voila it appears as a seamless boot to Linux on my USB drive.

Thanks again,