Configuring EBCD for Multi-Boot


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Have what I think is a simple question.
I would like to use EBCD as my multi-boot loader. In the past, I have used Acronis OSS and GRUB so I do have some experience at this.
Right now I have Windows 7, Vista, Ubuntu and XP installed, although not really multi-booting. Machine only boot into Windows 7.

So, here is the question. When I want to add an OS to the boot menu (say Vista), I click the tab to add new and then I need to provide a drive letter for the drive that Vista is installed to.

Here's the problem: My Vista partition is NOT visible in WIndows 7 and therefore there is NO drive letter, which is the way I want it to be. So does this mean you product cannot be used to setup a mult-boot system with hidden partitions?

What does NeoGrub do for me? Is it a more capable bootloader that allows hiding other OS's partitions?
NeoGrub is essentially grub4dos, basically grub.

While its required that you have a drive mapping at the time the entry is added you may be able to remove the mapping afterwards with a working entry.
As Justin says, NeoGrub *is* a more capable bootloader, but it is manual configuration only and not intended except for the most advanced use cases. You *can* use it to hide a partition, but Justin's suggestion to assign a letter to the Vista partition, add it in EasyBCD, then remove the letter will work better.