Configuring JSP for IIS problem in IIS7


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i used the tutorial for configuring JSP in IIS7 at Configuring JSP for IIS The NeoSmart Files

Allmost everything went OK, but I still have some problems, and questions.

Wen I use the url http://localhost:8080/jsp-examples, that works
JSP Examples also works (that's the website where I made the virtual directory Jakarta)

My question: can I place a jsp file in the root directory from that website?

I tried that but at first i get ERROR 404. Error message: you have to set a handler in IIS to handle the .jsp extension.

When I did that, I get no JSP output at all. The requested page stays blank. When I look at the source code sent to the browser, there is HTML but JSP is not processed.

Could anybody tell me wat to do in order to get it working right?

Kind regards,
Jeroen Verheye