Configuring Neogrub to boot ISO images


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I configured EasyBCD to offer the boot menu: Plop, Win7, XP, UBuntu, NeoGrub.

Plop is convenient to boot from USB without changing BIOS. I don't want to clutter the boot menu, hence NeoGrub entry is for everything else to boot from. Like several ISO images of service boot CDs, saved on my c:\ drive - I want to add them to NeoGbub menu list. The various ISOs are based on different OS versions: some on Win7 PE, XP PE, and small Linux distros. Btw, which Linux distros can boot with NeoGrub?

Can you guys give some accurate and complete examples on how to add references to bootable ISO images to NeoGrub Config file, so that NeoGrub display a list of ISO images to boot from, when it's selected in EasyBCD boot menu? Would be great to add these examples also to NeoGrub section of EasyBCD Wiki. If you're certain, its impossible to boot from any ISO with NeoGrub, and such ISO should be extracted first to a folder, please give then an example, how to reference such extracted ISO in the NeoGrub Config. Pls make sure you tested your example indeed works.
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Just wanted to add that examples of referencing a bootable VMWare Virtual Machine files, and mounted via NeoGrub bootable partition archive images like .vhd or .tib would also be highly appreciated. Or give some links, where such examples are available, not just general Grub Reference or Help pages, hardly applicable to NeoGrub usage with EasyBCD. Btw, what's the difference between NeoGrub and Grub4dos often used to boot WinPE images?

The point is that in Neosmart's NeoGrub Wiki its claimed it can be used for variety of tasks, yet only examples offered are on how to boot OS partitions with NeoGrub, which is not needed in the first place, because that's what EastBCD does quite convenient via a clean Boot Menu, and partitions list doesn't change often. Hence, no-one is using NeoGrub, despite it seems to be a great tool, which simply requires more typical usage examples included in its Wiki to get popular. Also, some website links in that Wiki are gone and need to be updated.

Please note, I'm asking for complete tested code examples suitable for a user to Copy-Paste into NeoGrub Config file with some edit, not verbal descriptions of this and that, impossible to reproduce for regular folks without significant Linux and Grub experience.
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One man develops, writes, tests, publishes and then debugs all the code on this site.
He also administers the site and answers general computing questions which regularly flow in from all corners of the planet.
(not to mention his university studies and getting his degree when he has a spare moment)
Three more of us, all initially casual visitors/users of that free resource, scattered across the globe, all mutual strangers, help when we can by moderating the site and answering queries about anything and everything we can manage.
In over four years, a massive back catalogue of wiki articles and forum posts has accumulated, which reflect the state of the art when they were written.
Whilst we try to update wiki information which is clearly incorrect in the light of new developments and features, there is not enough time in the day, or enough of us contributing to the site to wade back through all that documentation and update it all, far less produce custom tutorials for individual users.
If you'd like to contribute something positive to the site, by producing such a guide yourself, I'm sure CG would be most grateful for the help.

I appreciate your past help personally, since your answers to my common enough questions were enlightening and very useful to all visitors of this forum. I'd be glad to help with the Wiki, but don't feel competent enough, especially when it comes to using NeoGrub, where my experience is next to zero. In fact, that prompted me to look through Wiki pages in the first place, where I found nothing addressing the questions at hand. In no means I'm able at the moment to fill the gap due to lack of knowledge, but can do it as soon as tested NeoGrub code examples for ISO and Virtual Disk images are posted in this thread.
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I came here as a dual-boot virgin 3 years ago and everything I know about boot managers has been learnt here.
My position as de facto HnS "expert" (I'm the only mod/admin who uses it !), comes from being CG's chief Beta tester of the 60+ builds, and from trial and error playing with it after being disatisfied with the clunkiness of using Neogrub to do the job previously.
Stick around and become the Neogrub ISO expert.
Thanks Terry!

For sure I will add code examples to this thread when I find these, just to contribute to EasyBCD cause, which I use and would like to keep using. Until then, everyone is invited to post tested complete code samples of booting ISO and VM images with NeoGrub. No verbiage please (do this and that), unless accompanied by complete tested code or links to such code samples (not general Grub help).

I also ask to explain, what is the exact difference btw NeoGrub and Grub4dos, also used to boot Win PE and ISO images?
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sambul, experiment around and you'll find us more than happy to help.
I'm not against putting examples in the wiki - it's just been so crazy busy with both NST and my regular full-time job. The past week we've been leaving work at 3 and 4am every day, so as you can imagine, I'm not having much time for documentation work :smile:

Like Terry said, we'd be more than happy to have you join the EasyBCD expert team. There's a lot of power in EasyBCD, features that even I have not used nor have I had the time to play with, as much as I would like to.