Configuring SSL on IIS 6.0


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I hope someone can help.

I am running IIS 6.0 with PHP 5 installed and Active Fox Pages. I am trying to run SSL but cannot view the pages. I created and installed the certificate and that went well. Certificate says it is OK. When I check require ssl and try to access the site via http:// I get a screen that says that you must access site via https:// (thats good), but when I use https:// I get page cannot be displayed. I get this error trying to access the site from the outside, or using the https://localhost. If I turn off the require ssl I can serve up pages without any issues.

I have installed and uninstalled certificate and deleted old certificate and made a new one. We are using CA on a Server 2003.
Sounds like you have a firewall on your web server that's blocking access to port 443. Check and make sure it's open.