Conflict between Neogrub and Linux?


This is a question about a mult-boot system. If one adds a Linux partition to the Vista boot
menu using Neogrub, can you also add the same Linux partition with a different title, using
the Linux add method (that relies on Bootpart). A curious situation came up. Adding Ubuntu
under Linux generated a Bootpart 2.60 standard message error. However, adding Ubuntu
with Neogrub worked. Both methods appear to use the (hd0,y) grub method where the
partition number is one less than a fdisk report of sday. Why would one method work and
the other method fail. Which leads me back to the question of, if Ubuntu were added under
the title Ubu under Linux (not Neogrub which works) with the same partition information,
would you be able to boot Ubuntu using the Ubuntu title and/or the Ubu title? Does Easybcd
accomodate adding boot menu entries using both methods, mixed, Linux/bootpart&Neogrub?
Why did the add under Linux(which uses bootpart) fail while adding Linux under Neogrub work?
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It doesn't matter what the title is... its a matter of where the entries are pointing and what kernel, initrd.gz, and parameters are required for a normal boot. If you got all of your linux distros on one drive, boot into linux and copy all of thier boot entries from each /boot/grub/menu.lst. You should copy these entries into the first /boot/grub/menu.lst on the drive or whichever one is being used if you got neogrub in the automatic configuration. While neogrub can be setup manually I perfer this method. Sure it leaves you with a second menu, but this single linux entry can be used to boot any of your linux distros.