Conflict between systems?


I have been using Easy Bcd for sometime now and it has served me well I know what a powerful tool this can be so find it very useful for my quad multi boot system.

The last o/s added was Centos 6 which I installed on the same drive in a later partition and Esy Bcd with using the NeoGrub.
This was for me to learn some basic Unix stuff as I am a complete newbie when in comes to Linux.

All has been working well until I did some file updates on the Centos (Linux) and carelessly allowed it to install an update to Grub and after allowed it to scan all the drives which then

marked the two windows drives as LVM which my backup program (Paragon) does not support so I cannot access the partition where the backups are stored, so am in a pickle.

Is there a way I can reverse this to restore the drives as windows drives without too much hassle?

I thought I would provide an update with this situation. I did what I should have done when starting this post and that is to read the forum sticky from Computer Guru about the latest BCD v2.2 which amongst other delights also addresses the issue of grub2 and when I installed it and ran the add entry it found the missing XP partition and I now have all my boot options back.

The Grub 2 update also seemed to mark a spare partition with an LVM flag which was causing Paragon Partition Manager and Backup not to recognise the drive so I deleted this partition and created a new NTFS part
so harmony has been restored again. Thanks Easy BCD it proves what a fantastic program this really is.
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Glad you are now OK.


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Glad you're back up and running. What version of EasyBCD were you using prior to the 2.2 upgrade?