Confused with EasyBCD

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I used to do it with Bootmagic/Partitionmagic

Step 1. Install WinXP
Step 2. Create another primary partition and set it active.
Step 3. Boot with WinXP CD and install WinXP on the new active partition
Step 4. Use Bootmagic rescue floppy disk and restore MBR (which sends you back to the home partition)
Step 5. Re Enable Bootmagic and select from the different WinXP O/S
Step 6. repeat steps 2-4 to add another O/S

How do I do Step 4 when I'm using EasyBCD? Can I make a bootable CD?
There's no need to post multiple threads electro, we'll see them wherever they are.
I answered in the other thread. EasyBCD is for Vista BCD only
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