Congrats, Everyone!


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It seems we've passed the 20,000 posts and the 2,000 threads markers - congratulations to all! :grinning:
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isnt it the other way around??
20,000 posts and 2000 threads???
That's probably a vBulletin setting that he modified when the forum was first set up (e.g. even though he has not posted, his post count is 5000). This could be for any number of reasons...


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lol, no, I most certainly have posted all 6k times :grinning:

Just switched the numbers around in my first post as Ronin pointed out.
and me imagine if you reallly hadn't posted any of them hehe just out of curiousity was this # 2000 or 1999


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That's great CG, thanks for having us here.
good job ^_^

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Congrats everyone. Now lets break the 100K mark.

100K posts? or topics started?


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No.. we actually reached the 2000 threads mark last week, but it took some time to reach the 20,000 posts marker as well. (this wasn't the 20,000th post either).