Connection Problems at University


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So i dont how how, but it fixed itself, so my connections good again :smile:

vvvvvv no one should read all that crapo before vvvvvv

earlier today, as much to my hatred i had to get off of ubuntu, off of linux
i had to do homework, of an web application that was Active X only, ( :frowning: ) and so i hit the shut down button, and hit shutdown again, it logged off, it ended all its processes, and then it hung
it was after the second time you see "ubuntu" with the reverse loading bar, and there was not Tower noise (ei system running something) and then screen wasnt "turned off" black either
now, it said that it ended the connection. and i have turned the machine off before to start it but up again, for a recent update, and everythign was working fine then
now i shut everything down, and i restarted the machine, letting it auto load vista., this would be the first time i rebooted into vista since i got linux working. so two weeks i guess, and it started normal, and i logged in normally, and then the shit hit the fan, so to speak.
my universities network, which is a 1gb network, and i get from that, a 100mb connection, but of course, i can only use about at tops 10% of that :frowning:
i had to connect into the network, before any actually internet connection is made, this is done through cisco systems, clean access, i cant get a link becuase google isnt loading quick enough for me and its late :frowning:
ive never had a connection error like this
i dont know what happened, but i logged up into vista, and it "discovered" the network agian" i guess it forgets which network it is, becuase it created a new network configuration for a couple of connections before this. so i merged those, all kool i thought, okay, and then i tried to open FF to check my messeges and such, it wouldnt connect. and i had gone through the clean access...
and then i go to disable the firewall, and then FF connects, but it was uber slow, slower then 45Kb/s! (i know, thats what i had before college :frowning: ) and so then i tried IE again, which it didnt work with the firewall off, so i turned that back on and it still didnt work
i know this must be very confusing, ill have to explain things in the morning again, im sorry
so i got pissed at Vista, and i shut it the hell down! :angry:
and so then i left, the library i found out, which has a faster connection then i do, has windows XP and they have IE and i finished my Homework YAY ^_^
i left and when i got home i booted the machine back up, loaded the 160Gb drive linux is on, and it did the rest, it auto logged me in, and then it took a minute to load my new gdesklet's which is fine :smile:
then i try to connect, i open FF, and i have to go through clean access again, but this time only through the website, i havent been forced to download the Linux clean access program yet. i have had to log back in through the website every other time i had shut down the machine, and then FF would connect and Gaim would also.
Now after that earlier BS, i was hoping that it would have been remedied by its self, after sitting off for a bit, but alas, it hasnt, it took FF 2 minutes to get me to this "post new thread" page
and Gaim has only been able to connect through to Yahoo.
i dont know what happened
do i have to reinstall Linux to fix this error in my connection, it is impossible for me to be able to live like this, i had faster internet connection back home right now... :frowning:
i know ill have to answer questions in the morning, so please dont get angry at me.... :frowning:
idk what to do..
<(#_#<) ^(#_#^) (>#_#)> v(#_#v) <(#_#<) (<===== Dazed Dancing Kirby lol )
i need your help Guru...
here are some screen shots:[/sub]
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My connections lagging again

i know im on a university network, but my 10/100MB netowork card says that i am getting a 100Mb connection, now either it always thinks it will get 100MB, or idk

but i am at best get up to 256mb and that is downloading five or so files and running FF...

sometimes it runs great and other times it almost completely dies

its the weekend, so alot of students went home, th network should be freed up a bit, but i ususally dont have speed issues of the week, while everyone is here.... im confused.... :frowning:


and just now, i opened half a dozen tabs, and everything speeds up

they way i kept the speed on windows would have been through a p2p program, running under everything, and i kept the connection speeds up.. i dont know what to do on linux, but having to open 7 tabs, for the terminal to finished downloading Wine, a 9000kb download, is really stupid and annoying :frowning:
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That just means that the connection between the University server/router/gateway and your PC is at 100MB - that's a constant. It's slated to run up to 100MB, but delays are caused by load on the university server.

There's nothing you can do from your end.