Controlling Dualboot Debian / Windows Vista



To start with, I'm new to EasyBCD and new to Linux. Just keep that in mind:lup:.

I have a PC with a Vista installation on a C-partition. (48GB NTFS)
I also have a emty (and not formatted) partition where I want to install Debian.

However, when everything is installed I will only have acces to the machine with Remote Desktop. So I need a way to control the multiboot options from insite Windows and from insite Debian. So if I'm in Windows and I want to go to debian I change te multi-boot setting so it will automaticly start to Debian. Then I restart the machine and I connect again into Debian. Then when I'm in Debian and I want go to Windows I change te multi-boot settings to automaticly start to Windows, and I restart the machine again.

How can I do this and can EasyBCD help with this?

If Vista would still work with boot.ini I would have tried to just get acces from in Debian to boot.ini and change te settings in boot.ini but thats no option now.

Hope anybody can help.

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EasyBCD won't be able to help, its a configuration utility for the bootloader but can only be used in Windows. iReboot won't do you any good when you need to reboot into Windows cause it also can only be ran on a Windows system.

The solution is to use grub on a small FAT/NTFS partition to boot the system so you can access menu.lst from either system. Have the timeout line set at 0. Than you may change the default line to right number for the entry as it appears in menu.lst for the system you want to boot into (numbering starts at 0 and goes up and refers to the order of the entries in the menu.lst file). Once you've got it figured out you should be able to batch/bash script a file with two copies of the menu.lst file and have it copy over the correct file before rebooting the system.

The above sounds a little complicated to a beginning Linux user. If you find yourself having trouble with that I'd recommend bridging your internet connection instead in a VM with the Linux system so than you just connect to your running Windows box and start up the LInux VM when you need access to it.
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Indeed it sounds a little complicated but I think that with the information you gave me I will be able to get it to work:smile: