Convert Dual boot to single

Hello I'm New Here,
I would like to convert from Dual to a single boot. I have Vista 64 bit on Drive Letter C: and Windows 7 64 bit on E: all on the same Drive..And I want to KEEP Windows 7.
I do not have a Install Disk For Win 7...... it was a upgrade for Vista.

All That said, can I use Easy BCD to to this task and if so PLEASE EXPLAIN

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I'm having a formatting problem.
I'm dual booting Windows Vista pro and Windows 7 Professional, on the same drive. My problem is that when I went to format the hard drive partition that had Vista installed, If I go through Disk Management, options for formatting are grayed out. Does anyone have any idea’s what to try or why this is happening? I've had dual boot systems before and had no trouble re-formatting the drive that i no longer used.
Thanks for any help.
Vista is Healthy(System,Active, And Windows 7 is Healthy (Boot,Page File,C
So this is what the Disk Manager is telling me. In other words your saying Boot ,Page File,C is the the Boot Partition is that Corect

"system" is the boot drive
"boot" means "this is the system you're running at the moment"
(take it up with Microsoft - their decision to use the words in the opposite sense to the rest of the planet)
If Vista is "system" then you obviously didn't follow the instructions in my first reply.
Look at the hotlink.