Copy image to a partition and dual boot


Just happened upon easybcd, wondering if anyone has any experience with this:

I have a notebook that I iam demoing from Fujitsu, and installed WinXP and created a ghost image. Just loaded and configured Win7 and have an empty partition - does anyone know if I can load up my WinXP image to the empty partition, then use easybcd to dual boot between Win7 and XP?

Thanks folks!
If you're saying that the image was from an install on this same PC, then you shouldn't have a problem except the possibility that XP, detecting partitions in a different order from its original install, might get the partition letters wrong and be unbootable.
The task of getting the dual-boot working is utterly simple with EasyBCD 2.0 latest build.
Just add an XP entry to the W7 BCD and let Easy auto-configure when it offers.