Correct TYPE for Fedora, Solaris, GRUB2


Can someone please explain how to define EasyBCD entry:

1) To boot existing EXT3 GRUB2 partition.
Specifically, what should be entry Type (out of selections GRUB legacy, GRUB 2, Lilo, FreeBSD, Wubi, SysLinux)?
And given that selecting GRUB2 disables partition selection combo box.

2) To boot Linux partition for Fedora via bootsector.
What should be the selection for Type?

3) To boot Solaris partition.
I assume Linux/BSD tab should be used. Is that right?
What should be Type selection?



Mostly Harmless
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Hi Sergey,

1) Assuming you're trying to boot the latest version of GRUB2 distros, please use EasyBCD 2.2 beta: EasyBCD 2.2 Beta Builds
Just select GRUB2 from the drop-down, add, reboot and test. You should be good to go. No selection for the combo box needed.

2) Same for Fedora (if you're using latest distro)

3) Try using the SysLinux option?
Hi Mahmoud,

Thanks for your response.

So does it mean that EasyBCD boot entry with Type=GRUB2 actually finds and boots GRUB2 partition (that must also in this case be the only GRUB parition on the system, i.e. EasyBCD does not support having two distinct GRUB2 partitions?) and then subsequent boots will be performed by GRUB2 itself?

For example if I had two Fedora installations on the machine in two separate partitions (let us say 32-bit and 64-bit Fedora or different versions of Fedora) I would boot them via EasyBCD screen -> GRUB2 menu screen -> selecting appropriate installation in GRUB2?

Does it also mean that there is no way to have two options for Fedora-32 and Fedora-64 directly in BCD screen itself?

(That would have been possible if they each had their own GRUB2 /boot partition, but it appears EasyBCD does not suport having more than one GRUB2-Type partition -- please correct me if I miss something.)

* * *

If I had an uncommon (let us say experimental) operating system that boots via partition's bootsector, can I boot it directly out of BCD screen rather than GRUB?

To put it another way, is there a generic way in BCD/EasyBCD to boot a parition via partition's bootsector when BCD just boots the bootsector of the partition and transfers control to it, being otherwise completely agnostic about the content and the structure of the partition?

If there is such a way, what Type should I select for the partition in EasyBCD?


Mostly Harmless
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For GRUB2, currently, no. That's something we've implemented for GRUB legacy, where you can have EasyBCD search and load or you can manually specify the path to preempt the searching in case you have multiple partitions. The problem with GRUB2 is the menu search paths collide - we haven't yet found a way to override that without having to fork the GRUB2 source. So the only way to do that currently is BCD -> GRUB2 -> [FEDORA1 | FEDORA2]

For your second question - that's the Syslinux option. Or eLilo. The name doesn't matter. It'll just dump the bootsector to disk and chainload from BCD.

Hope that answers your question.