Corrupted BCD store?


Hello all,

Firstly, thanks for such an easy way to edit BCD!
Secondly, i will apologise in advance for a long post, but i wanted to give as much info as possible. Here goes:

I have used EasyBCD to create a quad boot setup on my little eeePC 901 (sounds ridiculous i know, but it works for me!) ;

XP (disk0, part0)
Linux Mint 7 (disk0, part1)
Windows 7 (disk1, part1)
OS X Leopard (disk1, part2)

So far all good, and BCD boots into all OS's. BCD lacks one feature however that i find is paramount in multiboot scenario's - it cannot remember your previous OS, and always boots to the Default. Grub however, has the "Savedefault" option, so if i restart an OS, it will restart back into itself. Perfect. So, i buggered around with Grub, and got it all working.

Then (and this is the clincher) i changed my boot order in BIOS, so i can hit the MBR of disk0, and therefore Grub. I can point directly to Linux, OSX and XP, but Win7 obviously has to go through the BCD menu. I had a 10 sec timeout, which i wanted to change to 1 sec. I booted to Win7 and fired up Easy, which told me that i needed to rewrite to the bootsector, and to choose my drive letter. I did, then it asked again for a drive letter. I really should have read it a bit more thouroughly, since i can't even remember what the second question was asking! Either way, on reboot, it had destroyed Grub (Which resides on a seperate disk) and itself! I had only XP from disk0, and OSX from disk1! Rstored grub from a liveUSB, which put all the pointers back in place, and seemingly back the way it was.

However..... Now, when i fire up EasyBCD, it tells me that there are NO valid entries. Yet there are still 4 at my boot screen! So i figured i would put Easy to the sidelines, and simply change my timeout using "bcdedit /timeout 10".

However, i get this in return:

"An error has occurred setting the element data.The system cannot find the file specified."

What have i done!?! I guess that i have confused or corrupted the BCD store, but i have no idea how to fix it.

Anyone with any ideas????

Thanks in advance!!