corrupted user profile needs updating on sites wiki.

Hi I ran into a problem due to sector damage on my Windows XP SP3 system which has been fixed. However, when logging into my user administrator account the application event log states for the source "userenv" event ID various for the following multiple entries.
a) event id: 1502, windows can't load the locally stored profile. Possible causes of this error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile. Contact network admin
b). event id: 1515, windows has backed up the user profile and that windows use the backed up profile upon the next login. However, on the next login the same error occurs.
c). event id: 1511, windows can't find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile. Changes made to this profile will be lost when you log off.

The application event log records (a-c) twice before continuing on.

I came across your wiki on "corrupt user profile" weblink: Corrupt User Profile: Fix for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

I'd like to make some suggestions to update this article on the wiki.
1). add the set of errors above that one might encounter being recorded in the Windows XP application event log. For other windows variants there may be similar errors. Typically ones would search of solutions based on the event id in google but one may not find a solution. The error screen you show doesn't occur for windows XP that way.
2). I'm at step 15 whereby it wants me to select the bad user profile under the control panel user settings popup and select "copy to". The problem is mine is greyed out. I got to thinking, and the only reason I could come up with is that the old user profile shows around 3.5 gigs and my available disk space is < 1.6 Gig available and this popup must be greying out because there isn't enough space although I'd think that should I get past this greyed out, that once I select the new user profile location on the same drive (drive C system partition) that it would stop the copy and tell me there isn't enough space.

Moreover, when I select c:\Document and Settings\username where username is the corrupted user profile and do a properties to find out how much space it uses it says its around 31 gigs. I wonder why the big difference if I'm going to copy everything from this username to the new user name on the same partition and then go back and delete all the 31.5 gigs like the instructions say to do? so is the user profile copying everything which is only 3.5 gigs worth.

Moreover, I have it setup to point the C drive Documents and settings for the bad user profile over to the second partition which is just a data drive so that all this users data would be stored there vs. on drive C. but says its 51 gigs. I'll have to look into why the two username locations under this directory path don't seem to be working at the moment like I thought.

Thus add this to the wiki should one get a greyed out "copy to" button when trying to copy the bad user profile over to the newly created user profile.

I could reallocated this system partition to a greater disk space, but am at the moment not sure if I should increase it by 3.5 gigs, 31.5 gigs or more until I understand the difference in the numbers.

Any ideas?
I see that the application event log has the above three entries dupliated because the "user" column" on the event file (before viewing the even file itself) is marked with "LOCAL_SERVICE" and "NETWORK_SERVICE".

In the meantime I came across this on microsofts website which pretty much says the same thing as the wiki. There are three solutions, one of which mentions the creation of a separate user account and copying things there, but it didn't state not to copy the *.dat files over etc. Moreover, the bottom of the page shows a link to that shows the three different event error messages which are worded similarly to the Windows XP messages but different event ID's.

In the process of increasing the drive space temporarily for about 50 gigs for the second user creation to see if these error messages go away.


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Are you using a registry cleaner of any sort? This shouldn't normally occur.
Mind you I haven't used XP is many years so am not very good at answering that.
Yes, I use piriforms ccleaner which is now owned by AVAST antivir. It cleans the temporary files and registry. I also run auslogics registery cleaner from time to time too.
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That can be the direct cause of corrupted profiles, or files in general. Use with extreme care. The only solution is to either use System Restore or create a new profile.
I have an imaged disk of all the partitions. So if I mess something up, I can restore the image to start over again. Its only a 320 gig drive imaged to a 2tb usb drive whereby the 320 gigs contains 3 partitions: system, data, and OEM recovery from the 2006 timeframe.
However, I need to reallocate the drive space to increase by 50 gigs the system partition for the second user account to do the fix. Since the imaging software isn't capable of reallocating it on the fly, I'll have to restore from the backup image which then asks if I want to change partitions sizes before it puts the files back.


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Complicated ! Good luck :wink: