Couple of questions...


I got a couple of questions that need answers. :tongueout:

1) What is Dual Booting? is it when you boot 2 OS AT THE SAME TIME or just allows you to boot one or another OS.

2) I currently have win7 installed. When i installed XP pro, it booted XP as a default. I wanna know how to make a dual boot. (be able to choose from XP or Win7)

3) WHO WANTS TO BE FRIENDS>>>:lol::smile::happy:
Off topic, how do i change my name?. I wanna use my original alias. HaxGurl


PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! After playing around with windows 7 and your program. i finally got it working. THANKS
UNSOLVED STILL!! How do i change my name? I wanna use my original alias. HaxGurl
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Point 3
Not possible afaik, but while your post count is so low you could always register again under a different name and abandon this one (there are thousands of inactive registrations with few or zero posts. Most people who come here just grab a copy of Easy and are never seen again)
I got a couple of questions that need answers. :tongueout:

1) What is Dual Booting? is it when you boot 2 OS AT THE SAME TIME or just allows you to boot one or another OS.
It is when you allow to boot into either one (i.e. through a boot menu at startup).

@Terry: Why did you say point 3 was not possible? :tongueout:
3) WHO WANTS TO BE FRIENDS>>>:lol::smile::happy:
Can someone explain for me, why Windows XP deletes 7's restore points. Are they stored in the same place? Wouldn't the two OS's be independant of each other and keep seperate resore points?
They're each stored on their disks, but Windows supports restore points that save the state of *multiple* disks so each wants to store the info location on ALL disks.

Stupid of Microsoft, really.
Hi finfan365,
not on my system.
One HD-Partition for Win7 x64
One HD-Partition for WinXP x86
If Win7 my working OS, the is WinXP on HD "F"
If WinXP my working OS, the Win7 is on HD "F"
It is separated with all here Files and Folders.
I do not know your Win management, 2 OSs on one Partition?
That is a bad way for using Oss.

Greetings from Germany,

Post.. have HD-Restore aktivated for all Partitions?
That is not a good way.
Make this only for your OS-Partition for WinXp "C" and for Win7 "C".
Then are the restore Points different from the Oss.
You have the restore Points under WinXP for WinXP only an in Win7 for Win7 only.
(Well long time ago, I have deaktiveted the Restore Points, I have a Backup.System)
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The problem is that both XP and Vista/7 use the same name for super-hidden restore folders.
Vista/7 made system restore a sub-section of the volume shadow copy feature but is backward compatible in recognizing and ignoring the previous format used by XP.
XP is not forward compatible. If it can see a Vista/7 system restore folder, it sees it as completely corrupted and "fixes" it for you. (aka deletes all restore points and shadow copy backups).
It is not enough to turn SR off for the Vista/7 partition(s).
(believe me, I spent days wrestling with every twist and turn of every conceivable permutation and combination of playing with the services and the restore folders. Even the MS hack wouldn't work on my configuration (though it might now I've reconfigured) and that's why I came here for the Neogrub solution nearly 3 years ago, which was subsequently superceded by HnS)
The only cure (even if you stop the System restore service and turn off system restore completely on XP), is to stop XP from being able to see a Vista/7 restore folder.
sorry, I think I understand that not correct (well i am a pore Germany).
I have WinXP (I was one of all Chicago-Creator and Tester, long TIme ago).
Neverone of my much Computers have WinXP created or installed a hidden Partition, like Vista/Win7 Standard.
So I think, I uinderstand your wroting not, sorry.
If you install WinXp first, WinXP is on a Standard Partition (Fat32 ord NTFS)
If you Install Win7 as second OS, Win7 create a smal (100MB) hidden partition and the rest of free space on the HD is via Install-Partition-Manager for Win7, or the User tell the maximum Win7 area.

May be it is possible, that the German-Win7 is so much different to US-Win7, may be.
WinXP (Chicago) was in US, German, Italian, in every language, what i have testet and correctet, the
Win NT 4 was my latest Microsoft-Tester-OS for Microsoft.

And so I have on my Computer Win7 (x64), WinXP (x86), Linux (now only Mint, bevor Ubuntu, Kubuntu MoonOS too in the same time on one HD), and deleted Vista x64.

The Restore-Point-Security is on my Computer disable, if a normal User without attention, a normal User have a problem like this Thread.

Please Terry60, correct my misunderstandig of your wroting.

Greetings from Germany (I hope, I cane com back this Night),
You don't use System Restore Struppi, so it doesn't matter that XP corrupts the Vista/7 folders.
If you want to use SR on Vista/7, then you must use some technique to prevent XP from seeing the Vista/7 partitions which have SR turned on.
My post was in reply to finfan's post #7
Hi Terry
thank you for this (my) misunderstanding correction.
Activated is SR-setting for Update- and new Program-Installation.
Without SR-setting in this condition, much Programs have problem, there own created a SR-Point-Routine is blocked and the installation break down.
Well, i understand now better, thank you again.

Greetings from Germany,