CPU Fan Speed



I would like to know if anyone has ever had this issue. I reinstalled Win7 recently and since I did that my computer will go into Sleep/Hibernate mode and once it does that the fan seems to be constantly running on high speed. I've tried playing around with the settings in the "Power Plan" settings but nothing works.

The strange thing is that I never even had to touch any settings before. Maybe someone can help me on this?

Could be 2 things.

1. Could be that the fans are covered in dust. Have to open up the PC and clean it out with a can of compressed air to make sure they dont have to work as hard to spin.

2. Could try using some software like RivaTuner or SpeedFan to turn down the speed of the fan.
Great, Thank you for the advice. I will go try the cleaning part first.

It's most likely a harware issue like Mak suggests, but it's also possible that it's a driver-related issue too.

In that case, check your PC manufacturer's site for the latest motherboard and power management drivers.
If it's an AMD CPU, install the "Cool and Quiet" utility from the installation CD.

Sorry, scratch that.
It's a mobo utility from ASUS.
But I am just curious as to why this problem started now. I have the same win7 installation disc and nothing has changed on my PC.