CPU Overclock/System Properties Question

OK, it has two things. If the math fails or if it passes a critical temperature threshold as a "safety check."

So if it failed without the temp being above 100º C then it's a math error.
That's weird as it stated that it was a temperature issue. I'll take another look at this when I get the chance. Busy right now.
I actually found v3.1.0 online and it seems to have a slightly augmented interface which eliminates the manual montioring setup steps of the other version. When I have an hour or two to spare I'll give it a go.
Thanks. I'll DL it and check it out myself, though I haven't OC'd since I got my "new" PC 2 years ago.
To be honest I'm not sure why I'm even trying overclocking except for the bragging rights. I don't notice much difference in performance.

The basic speed for this CPU is 3.33ghz which is already faster than my old Pentium 4 which I used to think was very fast at 3.0ghz. It came from the factory already overclocked to 3.86ghz officially, but was actually 3.89ghz which I really should be satisfied with.

It's just the subject fascinates me. Apparently someone has managed to O/C this CPU to 4.3 air cooled. All I can say is they must have done it outdoors at the South Pole on a cold day.
I have water cooling so theoretically I should be able to overclock to the max.. Not sure I want to try though as it was a rather expensive machine.

Right now I have 4.02ghz and the temps are pushing it a bit.
Wow. Yeah, I know what you mean.

For me though, it was around the same time that I got my MacBook laptop - and I now use it for everything short of writing papers and coding for Windows.
LOL. I'm using them both in my daily routine (at work, I have my Windows 7 workstation and my MacBook side-by-side and use them simultaneously: research on the mac, implementation on the Windows). I hated it before OS X - it really was computers for dummies back then.
I was alerted to this thread by a spam post and thought that I might as well update my previous answer. I was given an iPad by McAfee as a gift. Only 16gb and only iPad 1 but nevertheless...I love it.
Nice (and funny how it did indeed "drop" into your lap!)! I was holding off on the iPad until the 2; a friend got it at work, but I'm still not sold on the concept...
Well I know there are articles in various places saying how the tablet is going to make computers obsolete, which of course is nonsense with present technology. One still needs to print, to burn etc. etc.

But I must say it's marvellous for quick reference to the web and to read one's email 'on the go' so to speak - all you need is a Wi-Fi hotspot or a 3G connection if using the topmost model and wish to pay for Smartphone internet which I do not.

I keep it with me on the couch when watching TV and if something on the box strikes me as interesting it's so much easier to look it up on my lap than getting up and going to my computer and it's fast plus the battery lasts a long time.

I must confess that I am also addicted to one or two games that I downloaded.

I also use it to make VOIP phone calls using the same account I have on my computer using the ear buds/mike (extra). (Voipstunt - a Swiss company - costs me around 1 eurocent per minute anywhere in the world) and with the iPad 2 that could become video calls of course with a client that allows video conferencing, using the front and rear cameras.

It'll be all I'll need when travelling, not that I do too much of that these days.

But it is kind of expensive. ;-(
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VoipStunt... any good? I'm Skype, but looking for an alternative that can be used with generic SIP products.

Skype doesn't even have an iPad version out - only iPhone; though I admit video/voice calls with Skype iPhone-to-iPhone just rock.
Skype is hype...only free if the other person uses it. Voipstunt is free in some cases too & it doesn't matter what company the other party uses. Of course with Skype you can video conference I believe, but I don't feel that's too important.

Here's VS's page on SIP devices: Voipstunt | Sip

It's the easiest one to use that I have encountered thus far. A little disconcerting at first calling in N.America as you have to use International dialling convention, i.e. 011 + country code + area code + number
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I'm actually using the paid SkypeOut and SkypeIn services where I both get a landline number and can call landlines for 2 cents a minute + a 10 cent connection fee. It's not the cheapest thing in the world, but the ease-of-use is pretty good...

How's the call quality?
Perfect quality, never had any problems there.

This what the interface looks like and the settings (user name obliterated)

it also has phone to phone so I can use the service from my home phone or cell or any other phone for that matter.

It's free to download and try so you could give it a whirl to see if you like it.


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