Crap. Please Help. Windows 7+Easy BCD


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I messed up bad. After installing BCD, I ran it, and allowed it to patch/add on to windows 7 bootloader. I "installed" it to C drive, so I see BCD boot menu after I turn on my computer. The boot menu shows two options, one being to boot windows 7 and the other to boot from an iso stored on my hard drive. I was trying to dual boot windows and Ubuntu. Now, I can't boot either, and with my skills my computer has essentially been bricked.Shit. I just want my old nonexistent straight to windows 7 boot back. Please, please, PLEASE help :'C

-edit- I forgot to mention my problem with booting windows 7. When I choose to boot windows 7, all I see is the Windows logo pulsing for hours until I shut it off with the power button. I do not know how to boot from iso to install Ubuntu.


Damn, I'm such a noob. Anyways, after five hours of searching (I gave up to post, but then gave it another shot) I realized that what I was looking for was a Windows 7 recovery disc. I do not have my Windows 7 install dvd as I am away from home, and I thought that that was the only way to do it. It's not. I finally found what I needed at this link . Thank you neosmart, though you have just instilled within me a lifelong fear of messing with the boot menu. Also, for those who can't torrent, this will help you
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