Creat a boot menu , for small usb bootable tools.


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i have a small problem. I have a few bootable tools , (Dream Pack, Password Reset, Recovery console, etc).

Now the problem is , i want to make a boot menu for them, jut a basic boot menu , wil ask me wich tool i wana start up. i tried to make a boot.ini for it (rofl dnt ask why) and it didnt work.

All sugestion r welcome

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It depends on how the bootable tools are run - do you just run their .exe files and they work?

Have you managed to put them all one CD and get into an environment where you can choose between them via the command line or some other way?

Or do you have many seperate tools on different CDs and you're still looking to get them merged together in the first place?
It also depends on the media. Some tools depending on how they come only run on floppies or CDs. In merging, some tools must also be at the root of the disc than in thier own individual sub-folders. Not to mention, you'd probably need to get BCDW or GRUB and get it booting from there before you can start adding entries for the mutli-boot bootable tools thing.
Thnx for the replys guys

i think i have found an easier way to do what i want.

the tools i have managed to make them 5 files.

Dreampack PL - 2 files. 1 .bat file and 1 .dll file
Passreset - 3 files txtsetup.oem, winkey.sys and winkey.inf

i am thinking , if i have the recovery console , cant i load these up.

like in the recoveyr console i type dreampack.bat , and it will open the bat file. and winkey.sys , and it will open the pass reset tool.

Thnx in advance for your replies.
If the tools are bootable themselves, then no. Think of the recovery enviornment as an already booted OS from the disc and you can see what I mean. And even if they are not, the recovery console is quite limited down to fixing problems where Windows can't boot. Not sure you could just execute the files needed from there. If we're talking about bootable tools here, give boot cd wizard a look and see if that works for you.
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.sys files can't be run - they're loaded into the memory by Windows, usually as drivers or driver libraries.