Creating a vista boot disc?

Alright well seeing as how vista is the first OS not to come with a app to make a boot disk I am going to need some help... So i have the ISO on my computer but i need help burning it onto a cd and making it a boot disk. I have already tried burning it twice and so far it has failed to act as a boot disk so I think I am doing something wrong.

This is where i am at:

Hi jihadijeff, welcome to NST.

What program did you use to burn the image? We've had reports of it failing with many apps but have never had someone have issues if they use ImgBurn.

Also, is your CD drive set as the first boot device in the BIOS?
Yea i have the cd-rom drive as first then hard disk second. Its weird because when i put it in it does not read it as a boot disc. Do i have to do anything special when selecting the file to make it a boot disc? I have tried twice once with poweriso and isoburner
Looks like you've got the iso mounted either as a drive or by the software to copy individual files. You need to select the option to burn an iso image to disc. Extracting files from the iso to a disc on thier own will not make the disc bootable.
Because the files of the iso itself are listed in his screenshot, though they appear to be of the disc he created looking at the tree to the left now. Don't think the label for the disc is the default used with the .iso. It doesn't appear to me as a properly burned disc due to that.

Regardless, give ImgBurn a try as suggested.