Creating a Windows 7 Repair USB in XP!


Hello All,

I bought the download for the Windows 7 32 Bit Recovery Disc from NEosmart to fix a netbook with a corrupted file.

The only computer I have to create the bootable usb on has only XP on it. EasyBCD will not work on it. Any other software i try to use tells me that the iso file I downloaded from neosmart is invalid.

Am I doing something simple wrong? What should I be trying. If I only unzip the Neosmart file and copy over the BOOT and SOURCES folders and BOOTMGR to the USB I get a "NTLDR is missing Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart" message on the netbook.

I've wasted a few hours already on what I thought would be an easy-ish task. Please help and thank you in advance!

Will Boot from USB but not from PC


I posted yesterday (Creating a Windows 7 Repair USB in XP!) and found a Windows 7 computer at work to proceed. I missed the big "does not work for XP" warning.

I created the Bootable USB drive using EasyBCD. I ran the automatic mode system repair, it completed and the netbook asked me to restart.

It will now boot up into Windows 7 if the USB is attached. The Windows Boot Manager comes up with two options

Windows 7 32-Bit Recovery
Windows 7 Home Premium (recovered)

It automatically chooses the second and Windows opens.

If I try to open without the USB I return to the original non-booting problem leading to a self-repair attempt leading to a failure due to a corrupt file.

How to I get the working "recovered" information off of the USB and onto the netbook so that I can boot up without it?

Thank you for your time.

Check the BIOS boot sequence to make sure that the correct HDD is top of the HDD sequence.
Boot into. Windows with the usb, then use easybcd to set the boot drive and repair any boot loader issues.