Creating bootable USB - can't get started

I'm following the BCD Depoyment instructions and i get to "When the operation has completed, you will be presented with a dialog box asking if you want to load the newly-created BCD store into EasyBCD. Selecting “Yes” will result in EasyBCD loading the external device’s bootloader data for editing, allowing you to add entries to the boot menu."

If I select "yes" nothing happens. If I select "no" and browse under "select BCD store" for the BCD item in C:\boot, when i select it i get "this file is in use. Enter a new name or close the file that's open in another program."

I freely admit to not really having a clue what i'm doing but it seems as if there's not a lot i could have done wrong so far. Can someone tell me what's happening please? Thanks.


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What are you trying to do ?
The Create bootable EXTERNAL media section (my emphasis) does what it says, makes external media bootable (e.g. a flashdrive on which you want to put an ISO image)
Don't whatever you do, point it at your system drives if you want your PC to remain bootable.
Your last sentence is alarming.
EasyBCD is a power-user tool, much like regedit, and in common with that program is capable of doing great harm to your system if you "play" with it without any idea of what you are asking it to do.
C:\boot\BCD is the live BCD on your system disk which is responsible for booting the PC.
I was trying to create a bootable USB flash drive. Sorry if the description was lacking detail but i think that chimes with your comments that suggest EasyBCD is not an application i should be using. Thanks for the reply.


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Sorry about the dire warning, but as you didn't say what you were trying to do I thought it better to err on the cautious side.
It's perfectly safe to use that function for its proper use, but you'd be amazed how many people have ignored the word"external" in the past.


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Depending on what you're trying to make a bootable USB of, Easy USB Creator might really be the far easier option and the way to go. It's literally a one-click utility for just that:

Easy USB Creator